Tricks on How to Hide your Belly Fat

Even though we may give it the cutest name in the world, most women find that belly fat is anything but cute. Many women who carry extra pounds around their midsections are always looking for ways to hide, or at least not emphasize their belly fat. In our search for these ways to conceal belly fat, we end up wearing clothes that are too large or uncomfortable undergarments to hide the extra weight around our midsections. However, without having any liposuction surgery, by choosing the right clothes, you can make your waist look thinner and make it seem as if you have shaved some pounds off your body. In this article, we will look at some of the best tips and tricks to hide your belly fat. Consider these tips the next time you go shopping and you will see how slimmer you’ll look.

Do Not Wear Clingy or Tight Tops

If you really want to look stylish and hide your belly fat, the consider not wearing overly tight tops or clingy tops. These tops can accentuate every roll of fat on your belly, thus taking away attention from your stylish clothes. Instead, replace the tight tops with tops which have a ruching or draping. Also, layered tops can be a very good option.

Consider Skinnies or Leggings With Longer or Drape Tops

If you are looking for ways to conceal your belly fat, then skinnies or leggings can be a good option. The can comfortably fit around your waistline and with so many long tops available, you will look completely stunning. Not even one person will notice the extra weight on your belly. Also, avoid belts above your belly since they emphasize your belly fat.

Wrap Dresses

Another great way to make your waist look slimmer is wearing a dress with a V neckline. This draws the attention from your waist to your face by showing some skin around your chest and neck. A wrap dress can be a good option since it ties around the waist and has a V neckline. A colorful scarf or necklace are two accessories that can also be used to draw attention away from your belly.

A-Line Dresses

Another way to hide your belly fat is wearing an A-Line dress. These dresses are generally narrower at the waist and top and a wider bottom. The extra flowing material can work wonders to create an illusion of a slimmer waist, thus making you look as if you don’t have belly fat.

Consider long jackets, ponchos, and cardigans to create vertical lines

Layering can be one of the most effective methods of disguising your belly. Add a jacket or cardigan to your wardrobe. Jackets and cardigans can create vertical lines which lengthen you and draw attention away from your belly. The longer the cardigan, the leaner and longer you’ll appear. Also, long vests can be perfect to create long vertical lines.

Consider Fabrics, Colors, and Patterns

Even though the proper style of dressing is vital, another important factor to consider if you want to conceal belly fat is your dress’s material and pattern. Generally, a woman with extra rolls of belly fat around her waist should go for a dress with vertical, instead of horizontal patterns and flowy fabrics. Also, one color clothes in darker colors can be most slimming. Darker colors doesn’t mean that you go for black, explore other colors with darker shades as well. If you love wearing prints, then go for it as long as it’s not too extravagant.

Dress In Fitting Clothes

Another crucial tip to keep in mind is choosing dresses that fit well. This might seem pretty obvious, but most people believe that wearing large dresses can conceal their belly fat. However, the opposite is true. Wearing clothes with too much material just add bulk to your body. However, don’t do the opposite and go for a small dress. Small and tight clothes only emphasize your belly area. Purchase clothes which are in your fitting size. If you love jeans, then avoid low waist jeans which can give a pushup to your belly, hence emphasizing it further.


Are you looking to hide those extra pounds of fat around your belly? Choose one of the above styles and you’ll be amazed at how the best fabric and cut will hide your midsection.

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