Shopping Online Effectively

Love to sit in front of your computer and love to shop? Then you’ll love shopping online, a growing international past time.
While with tonnes of benefits, online shopping isn’t without its glitches, so here are some tips to ensure a happy shopping experience.

Shop with only reputable sites

shopping onlineOne of the greatest worries of online shopping is that you don’t get to see the good before you make a payment for it. Hence it’s extremely important that you shop online with reputable, established online stores that will have a certain degree of accountability for the goods they sell. Usually reputable online stores will also have strong exchange and return policies, allowing you some flexibility if you change your mind. Usually they would also have good customer service which will help with your after-sales queries and product support.

Read descriptions carefully for details

Don’t just jump into a sale by browsing the pictures. Do read the description for details of the products. Again, because you don’t physically see the product, pictures and text are all you have to go by. For clothing, don’t assume that if you usually fit a size Medium, that you’ll always fit a size Medium. Look for standardized international sizing or exact clothing measurements. Also take note of material, laundry care instructions etc. For software, look out for system compatibility.

Look out for Exchange / return policies

As you’re buying the product before you actually see it, there is a higher chance that when you actually see the item you realize it’s not what you actually want. In these cases, flexibility in returns will go a long way in ensuring your money doesn’t go down the drain.

Check out the actual item first

If you’re buying a phone online, ask to borrow a friend’s phone if he/she has the same model. If you get a chance, get to see the actual thing first before you make an online purchase – that way you get the best of both worlds, the hands on experience of seeing a real product, and the low prices that online stores sometimes offer.

Christmas shoppingShipping Options

Shipping is extremely important as that’s how the items are going to be shipped to you. Does the online store offer tracking in their shipment so as to prevent lost packages? Do they provide insurance in case of lost packages if the item value is high? What about speed and cost? These are things to consider. Sometimes while the product is lower priced online, with shipping cost added, it may just be more worth it to make a trip down to the mall to get it.

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