How to Select the Right Clothing for Work

Are you a new employee and wondering what type of clothes to wear when going to work? Are you aware of the dressing policy of your new employer? If you are struggling to find answers to these questions, then this article is designed for you. Many employees find themselves confused on what their employers mean when they tell them to dress either casually or professionally. This makes it hard for employees to choose the right clothes for work. They are not able to strike a balance between professionalism and personal style. But what you wear makes an incredible impression about you. Therefore, you need to make a wise choice when selecting the right clothing for work.

Types of Dress codes

There are various types of dress codes that most employers want their employees to embrace. They include business casual, business formal, casual and business professional. This article will offer you valuable tips that will help you select the best clothes for work in each category.

Business Casual

This type of dress code allows you to include your personality to your work wear without making you appear unprofessional. Workers are allowed to wear clothes that have different accessories and colors.

However, it is important for employees to check what human resource policy states first before buying clothes for work. This type of dress code is also referred to as executive casual in some organizations.


You may be lucky to work in a company that embraces this kind of dress code, but the secret here is that refrain from getting so much creative with your casual wear. Most of your coworkers will no doubt judge your personality based on how you dress. Your employer may get concerned too about your dressing. Therefore, you should wear casual clothes that are appropriate, pressed, neat when you report for duty.

Business Formal

If your work entails meeting with executives or you are a lawyer, then this type of dress code should be the most appropriate for you. It creates a professional and executive image to your fellow workers or business partners.

Business professional

This is similar to the business formal dress code only that it does not emphasize more on colors or patterns.

Factors to consider before Buying the Right Clothing for Work

Selecting the right clothes for work can be an uphill task, especially for new employees. But this article will discuss the various factors that will influence the choice of your work wear as discussed below;


There are specific clothes that are meant for a certain age group. But wearing very tight clothes for ladies is not allowed in many companies.


Different occupations have different dress codes. For examples, lawyers and executives are required to wear formal whereas engineers and acrobats are allowed to wear casually. Business people should wear modestly and soberly. Physical instructors should wear loose clothes to make them feel comfortable when they are demonstrating.

As an employer, you put reminder custom cut stickers about how to dress in the office


The clothes you wear should match the occasion that are you are about to attend. If your employer has a party, then avoid wearing formal clothes when going to the event.

This article will no doubt help you select the right clothing for work!

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